Answer to Mr. Boré’s Booklet Entitled "The Question of the Holy Places"


Ilias Tantalides (1818‒76) was a Greek poet and professor at the theological seminary on the island of Halki near Constantinople (present-day Heybeli Ada, near Istanbul). Besides poetry, he wrote many works related to religion and was an advisor to the Greek Patriarchate. Eugène Boré (1809‒78) was a noted orientalist, Catholic priest, and scholar who studied Armenian, Turkish, Bulgarian, and other languages. As a missionary he investigated the status of Catholics living in the Ottoman Empire and wrote a number of reports, including his most famous Question des lieux saints (Report on the Holy Places), published in 1850 in Paris. With its anti-Russian slant, the report influenced public opinion in France on the eve of the Crimean War. Boré deplored the influence of Russia and Eastern Orthodoxy in the Holy Land, espoused a form of French nationalism, and put forward a French and Catholic claim to protection of the Holy Places. Tantalides wrote a response to Boré's pamphlet, initially published in French as Réponse à la brochure de M. Eugène Boré Intitulée Question des Lieux Saints (Answer to Mr. Boré’s booklet entitled “The question of the holy places”), in which he defended the rights of the Orthodox faith and delineated the periods of history in which the Orthodox Church played an important and positive role in the Holy Land. Presented here is a Bulgarian edition of Tantalides’s work, issued in 1851 by the publishing house of Tsarigradski vestnik (Constantinople herald), which issued a newspaper of the same name for Bulgarians edited and published in Constantinople. The book contains a list of subscribers, and it is printed in civil script. From the late 18th century and for about 100 years, Bulgarian was written in the civil script, a form of Cyrillic adapted to Bulgarian resulting from the influence of Russian printed books.

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Book Publishing House of Constantinople Herald, Constantinople


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Отговоръ на г. Бореева-та книжка называема Вопросъ на святы-те мѣста

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60 pages ; 18 centimeters

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