The Basics of Christianity or a Brief Sacred History, and a Short Catechism


This book is a Bulgarian translation of a work by Filaret, Metropolitan of Moscow, which during the 19th and 20th centuries was one of the officially approved textbooks for use in Bulgarian schools. The work was translated into many languages. Filaret was a reformer of Russian religious education who was instrumental in bringing about a new translation of the Bible into Russian and wrote a number of landmark religious texts. The book includes three separate works: a brief church history (pages 3−62); a brief catechism (pages 63−86); and an addition to the catechism called “Christian exhortation for the soldiers” (pages 87−93). First published in Russian in Saint Petersburg in 1828, this textbook by Filaret relied on his catechism as its foundation. The edition presented here is the first Bulgarian translation, which was thought to be done by Naiden Gerov (1823−1900), a prominent author and intellectual figure of the time, although the name of the translator is not given in the book. Gerov was the son of a teacher and a student of Neofit Rilski (1793−1881), a notable religious scholar, teacher, and artist who was a major figure in the Bulgarian National Revival. Gerov was active throughout his life in Bulgarian intellectual life, with his writing, and by promoting education and Bulgarian religious independence. His most significant work was a five-volume dictionary of Bulgarian that was first published in 1895. Gerov is also the father of Bulgarian travel writing. A second Bulgarian edition of Gerov’s translation of Filaret’s textbook appeared in 1851, and a third, by a different translator, Nikola Kasapski, in 1852. On the back of the title page is an announcement about 14 schools that were going to receive ten copies each of the edition from the Gabrovo School.

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City Typographers, Odessa


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Начала на христіанско то ученіе или кратка священна исторія, и кратакъ катихизисъ

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93 pages ; 17 centimeters

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