Map of Agricultural Areas of the Siberian Region


This Soviet-era map shows the agricultural areas of Siberia, district borders, railroads, rivers, lakes, district centers, and cities. Although much of Siberia is unsuited for farming, good conditions prevail in the forest steppe region of southwestern Siberia and in parts of southern Siberia. Peasants who migrated from European Russia in the 19th century had to adjust to Siberian conditions, learning, for example, to plant their crops neither too low in the wet taiga (which risked rot) nor too high on open lands (which risked frost). By the late 19th century, these peasants created one of the most productive farming regions in the Russian Empire. They also helped to create a booming Siberian dairy industry. In 1913 there were some 4,000 Siberian creameries that helped to keep Russia and the world supplied with butter. Sixty percent of Russia's exports of butter came from Siberia.

Last updated: May 28, 2015