Map Presenting the Discoveries of Russian Navigators in the Pacific Ocean, as Well as Those of Captain Cook


This 1787 map shows the voyages of the leading Russian explorers of the North Pacific: Bering, Chirikov, Krenitsyn, Shpanberg, Walton, Shel'ting, and Petushkov. It also shows the 1778-79 voyage of British Captain James Cook. The route of each voyage is depicted in great detail, with ship locations plotted by the day. Other details on the map include administrative borders, population centers, Chukchi dwellings, and impassable ice. The inset map is of Kodiak Island, Alaska, denoted here by its Russian name of Kykhtak.

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Saint Petersburg


Title in Original Language

Karta Predstavliaiushchaia Otkrytiia Rossiiskikh Moreplavatelei na Tikhom Okeane i Angliiskogo Kapitana Kukka

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1 map 52 x 80 ; 63 x 89 ; (65 x 98)


  • Scale 1:2,520,000

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