Map of the Southern Half of Eastern Siberia and Parts of Mongolia, Manchuria, and Sakhalin: For a General Sketch of the Orography of Eastern Siberia


Orography is a branch of the science of geomorphology that deals with the disposition and character of hills and mountains. The orography of a region concerns its elevated terrain. This general sketch of the orography of eastern Siberia and adjacent areas shows hills, plateaus, lowlands, mountain ranges, and other features. Also shown are provincial and district centers, fortresses, Cossack villages, guard posts, factories and plants, mines, gold fields, monasteries, and postal and country roads.


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Saint Petersburg


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Karta Iuzhnoi Poloviny Vostochnoi Sibiri, Chasti Mongolii, Man'chzhurii i Sakhaliina: k Obshchemu Ocherku Orografii Vostochnoi Sibiri

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1 color map on sheet, 47 x 75 centimeters


  • Scale 1:6,720,000. Prime meridian: Ferro.

Last updated: May 28, 2015