Map of the Far East of the USSR, Northern China (Manchuria) and Mongolia


This Soviet-era map is intended to serve a propaganda purpose. On the top and bottom are the slogans: "For the strengthening of the military-sanitary fund of the Red Cross"; "Citizens of the USSR must remember the Chinese adventure of 1929"; and " The Army and the Red Cross--together serving the defense of the USSR." Shown on the map are international borders, administrative borders on the territory of the USSR, population centers, railroad stations, and roads. The inset in the lower right is a schematic map of southern China. The portraits on the left and right sides of the map are of V.K. Bliukher, an important Soviet military commander who later was killed in Stalin’s Great Purge in the 1930s, and a Comrade Simanovskii, about which little is known.

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"Transreklama" NKPS, Moscow


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Karta Dal'niago Vostoka S.S.S.R., Severnogo Kitaia (Man'chzhurii) i Mongolii

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1 color map, 39 x 53 centimeters

Last updated: April 12, 2016