Rules of Conduct for the Ciniselli Circus


This placard contains the rules of conduct for the Ciniselli Circus in Saint Petersburg set by the management. Issued on January 10, 1891, the rules were published in two languages: French and German. The choice of languages, combined with circus programs of the period, demonstrates that nearly all the performers in the circus came from abroad. The 18 points regulated the lives of circus personnel. Performers and staff were required to attend all rehearsals and to take care of their equipment and costumes; everyone was required to be ready at least ten minutes before the performance; no one was allowed to leave the circus site without permission; smoking was prohibited in all places except the buffet; conflicts, insults, drunkenness, and so forth were prohibited and were grounds for dismissal. The Ciniselli Circus (now the Bolshoi Saint Petersburg State Circus) was founded in 1877 by Italian-born Gaetano Ciniselli (1815−81). Housed in the first stone structure in Russia purpose-built for the circus, the Ciniselli was a popular entertainment of Saint Petersburg high society.

Last updated: July 14, 2014