Sells-Floto Circus, 1924


This photograph of 1924 shows a group of female circus performers climbing onto tableau wagon number 83 of the Sells-Floto Circus, possibly in preparation for a parade. A large draft horse is hitched to the wagon. A baggage wagon with the Sells-Floto name can be seen in the background. The Sells-Floto Circus was formed in the early 1900s from a combination of the Floto Dog & Pony Show and the Sells Brothers Circus. It toured the United States as an independent circus until 1921, when it was incorporated into the American Circus Corporation. In September 1929, this corporation’s circuses were acquired by John Ringling, and by 1933 Sells-Floto ceased to exist. It enjoyed a brief revival in 1937−38 as part of the Al G. Barnes and Sells-Floto Combined Circus. The photograph is by Harry A. Atwell (1879–1957), an official photographer of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Last updated: March 21, 2014