Maps of the Japanese Coastal Areas (Ino Maps)


Inō Tadataka (1745−1818) was a famous Japanese surveyor and cartographer during the Edo period. He is known for completing the first map of Japan based on actual measurements, which he himself made by traveling throughout the country over a period of many years. Dainihon enkai yochi zenzu (Maps of the Japanese coastal areas) was compiled as a final version of Tadataka’s many maps and was presented to the shogunate in 1821. The work, which covers almost the entire country, is composed of three sets of maps of different scales: 214 daizu (large-scale maps, 1:36,000), eight chūzu (middle-scale maps, 1:216,000), and three shōzu (small-scale maps, 1:432,000). Tadataka’s original maps presented to the shogunate were destroyed in a fire in 1873. Shown here are 43 daizu, duplicated by hand from the copies of the Inō family during the Meiji era.

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43 sheets ; 117.5 x 187 centimeters to 210.8 x 124.1 centimeters

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