Greece: According to New Observations by the Gentlemen at the Royal Science Academy


Pieter van der Aa (1659−1733) was a Dutch publisher and bookseller, based in Leiden, who specialized in reissuing maps acquired from earlier mapmakers. Van der Aa’s major work was the elaborate Galerie Agréable du Monde (The pleasurable gallery of the world), a compendium of some 3,000 maps in 66 parts, bound in 27 volumes, and completed in 1729. Presented here is van der Aa’s map of Greece, which in the early 18th century was part of the Ottoman Empire. Shown are the Greek mainland, the islands of the Aegean, and the northern part of Crete, identified as Candia, as the island was known during the period of Venetian rule (1204–1669). Two distance scales are provided: French leagues and German leagues. In the lower left-hand corner is a cartouche and illustrations of figures associated with Greece.

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Pieter van der Aa, Leiden


Title in Original Language

La Grece : Suivant les Nouvelles Observations de Messrs de l'Academie Royale des Sciences


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1 map ; 37 x 25 centimeters


  • Scale 1:2,540,000

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