The Kingdom of Serbia, Otherwise Called Rascia


The note in Italian in the cartouche in the lower left-hand corner of this map states that it was “described on the basis of the most exact maps and with the direction of the most recent news by Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola, subject and geographer of the Most Serene Master the Duke of Modena and published by Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi in his printing house at the [Via della] Pace with the authorization of the Pope. Year 1689.” Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola (1643−95) was an Italian geographer and cartographer who in 1685 became court geographer to Francesco II d'Este, Duke of Modena and Reggio. Cantelli worked with Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi (1627−91), a prominent Roman printer and publisher who produced the Baroque atlas Mercurio Geografico with maps by Cantelli (the first edition is undated; a second edition appeared in 1692). This map shows the kingdom of Serbia, bordered by Hungary to the north, Albania and Macedonia to the south, and Wallachia (present-day Romania) to the northeast. Borders, roads, rivers (most prominently the Danube in the north), mountains, and important towns and cities are indicated. Rascia, a medieval Serbian state, is given in the title as an alternative name for Serbia.

Last updated: April 25, 2014