Two of the Master Jāmī’s Works on Prosody; Anonymous Treatise on Astronomy


This Persian manuscript dated 1025 AH (1616) contains two works on prosody by Nūr al-Dīn ‘Abd al-Rahmān Jāmī (1414–92), as well as an incomplete, anonymous work on astronomy. Jāmī was a great poet, scholar, and mystic who lived most of his life in Herat, present-day Afghanistan. The 69 leaves of the manuscript are on a variety of papers: thin, pink-colored laid paper (folios 1a−31b); cream-colored laid paper (folios 32a−35b); pink-colored laid paper (folios 36a−37b); cream-color laid paper (folios 38a−40b); light-green-colored laid paper (folios 41a−45b); tan unpolished paper (folios 46a−53b); orange-to-rose-colored unpolished paper (folios 54a−61b); and dark-yellow-colored paper (folios 62a−69b). The text is in a nastaʻliq script, but different numbers of lines are used in different parts of the manuscript: 14 lines (folios 1b−40b), 10 lines (folios 41a−45b), and 12 lines (folios 46a−69b). Certain pages have circular figures showing classical poetic metrical schemes. The binding is newer, in a flexible leather without ornamentation.

Last updated: September 30, 2016