Persia, Arabia, etc.


This 1852 map from the New Universal Atlas by the Philadelphia publisher Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. shows the Arabian Peninsula, the kingdom of Persia, Afghanistan, and Baluchistan. The provinces of Persia, including Irakadjemi, Fars, Khorasan, and Kerman, are shown by different colors. The Arabian Peninsula is divided into the traditional divisions used by European geographers, Arabia Petrea, Arabia Felix, and Arabia Deserta. Yemen and Oman are shown, along with the locations of important towns, mountains, ruins, and wells and sources of fresh water in the Arabian Desert. Afghanistan includes the northern province of Balkh, which was conquered in 1850 by Dōst Moḥammad Khān, the emir of Afghanistan. The New Universal Atlas was based on an atlas published in 1846 under the same title by Mitchell & Sons, the firm founded by the pioneering American geographer and map publisher S. Augustus Mitchell (1792–1868). The “universal” designation notwithstanding, it included mainly maps of the United States.

Last updated: July 16, 2013