Johnson’s Turkey in Asia, Persia, Arabia, etc.


This map of the Middle East and Central and South Asia extending from the Nile Valley to the boundary of Afghanistan with British India is from Johnson’s New Illustrated Family Atlas, published in New York in 1864. The map shows national capitals, provincial capitals, principal towns, and railroads. The Suez Canal, under construction at this time, is shown as proposed. The map provides a detailed overview of the towns and cities along the Nile in Egypt, Nubia (present-day southern Egypt and northern Sudan), and Sennar (present-day Sudan), and of the river’s major cataracts. Illustrations depict the port cities of Muscat in Oman and Trebizond and Smyrna in Turkey. Like many of the maps in Johnson’s New Illustrated Family Atlas, this map originally was produced by J.H. Colton & Company of New York and displays the distinctive decorative border characteristic of most Colton maps.

Last updated: July 16, 2013