Different Views of the Major Cities in Persia


This map by the Nuremberg engraver and publisher Johann Baptist Homann (1663-1724) features 15 aerial views of cities in Persia (present-day Iran), Afghanistan, southern Russia, eastern Turkey, and the Caucasus region. Beneath each city portrait is a number or letter key indicating the most important points in each city, including city gates and walls, bodies of water, royal palaces, and markets. The cities depicted are (1) Astrakhan, Russia; (2) Derbent, Dagestan, Russia; (3) Tiflis, Georgia; (4) Kars, Turkey; (5) Erzurum, Turkey; (6) Baku, Azerbaijan; (7) Sultanieh (Zanjān Province), Iran; (8) Şamaxı (Shirvan Region), Azerbaijan; (9) Yerevan, Armenia; (10) Shiraz, Iran; (11) Kandahar, Afghanistan; (12) Ardabil, Iran; (13) Kashan (Isfahan Province), Iran; (14) Isfahan, Iran; and (15) Bandar Abass, Iran. Isfahan is identified as the capital of the kingdom of Persia and shown larger than the other cities. Shiraz is identified as the ancient city of Persepolis and the former capital of the Persian Empire. Kandahar is described as a “fortress and city on the Indian border of Persia.” Erzurum, located in present-day Turkey, is identified as “die Grantz-Stadt in Armenien” (the Armenian border town).

Last updated: July 16, 2013