The Near and Middle East: Balkan Peninsula


This map of the Near and Middle East was compiled in 1940 by the Geographical Section of the General Staff of the British Army and published by the War Office of the British government in 1941. The map shows topographic relief by gradient tints and indicates railroads, principal roads, secondary roads, caravan routes and tracks, the names and boundaries of provinces and districts, and deserts, rivers, swamps, and other topographic features. Towns and cities are classified and shown by categories, from first (capitals) to fifth in importance. Also shown are oil fields, oil pipelines, and the Suez Canal. The map is a conic projection, a type of map that is made by projecting the surface of the Earth onto a cone, which is then cut from apex to base and laid flat. Such maps are used to minimize certain distortions that inevitably occur when the Earth’s surface is projected as a two-dimensional plane to produce a map.

Last updated: September 1, 2015