New General Map of the Asian/Eastern Provinces of the Ottoman Empire: Without Arabia


This large map in French containing a wealth of detail about the Asian provinces of the Ottoman Empire is by the German geographer and cartographer Heinrich Kiepert. The map was created in 1884, but a note indicates that railroad routes have been updated to 1912. Important place-names are given in several languages. The Mediterranean Sea, for example, is listed in French, Greek, Turkish, and Arabic. A table at the bottom lists geographic terms in Greek, Turkish, Persian, and Arabic, with their French equivalents. The heights of mountains and bodies of water are given in meters above or below sea level. A note in the upper-right corner of the map lists the sources Kiepert used to compile the information on the map, including railroad and road-building surveys, records of archeological expeditions, accounts by such travelers as Hirschfeld, Ramsay, and Hartmann and Wünsch, and Kiepert’s own voyage to Palestine and Egypt in 1870. Kiepert was professor of geography at the University of Berlin for 45 years, from 1854 until his death in 1899. He worked in both modern and ancient historical cartography and had a particular interest in Asia Minor. His first scholarly work, published in 1840, was a study of ancient Greece and its colonies.

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Dietrich Reimer, Berlin

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Nouvelle carte générale des provinces asiatiques de l'Empire ottoman : sans l'Arabie

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1 map on 6 sheets : color ; 96 x 159 centimeters, sheets 55 x 65 centimeters


  • Scale about 1:1,500,000

Last updated: July 16, 2013