Feminine Elegance: Fortnightly Fashion Review, Number 2


Eleganze femminili: rivista quindicinale di mode (Feminine elegance: fortnightly fashion review) was an Italian fashion magazine, published from January to May 1911, which was sold by subscription in Italy and abroad. In addition to presenting the latest fashions by the most famous designers in Paris, London, and Vienna, Eleganze femminili reported on social occasions in high society and included articles on etiquette, women’s interests, art, and the history of fashion throughout the centuries. It also offered readers the chance to obtain muslin or paper patterns of the designs shown in the magazine, and in fact advertised itself as being “a magazine for practical fashion that will enable anyone to make their own clothes.” This second issue emphasizes the declared purpose of the periodical by thanking its readers for the enthusiasm that they showed for the release of the first issue. The editors underline the “practical use” of the magazine by dedicating it to women from the upper and middle classes: “the aristocratic ladies who live in the crowded cities, but also the modest bourgeois ladies of the provincial towns.” A photograph of Emma Gramatica (circa 1872–1965), an acclaimed theatre actress, appears on the cover.

Last updated: May 17, 2017