War Map of Egypt, Palestine, and Arabia


This German-language military map, published some time in the late-19th century, depicts Egypt, Palestine, and the Arabian Peninsula. It also includes parts of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (present-day Sudan), Ethiopia, and Eritrea. Railroads, caravan routes, telegraph lines, pyramids, fortifications, and ruins are indicated by symbols shown in the key at the lower left. The German equivalents of some Arabic topographic terms are given. An inset map in the upper right shows the Nile Delta and the Sinai Peninsula. Relief is shown by shading, and the heights of important mountains and passes are given in meters. The map is by Gustav Freytag (1852–1938), an Austrian-born mapmaker who first studied cartography and lithography with his uncle, F. Köke, in Vienna. Freytag worked in Leipzig as a cartographer for publisher F.A. Brockhaus, studied in London, and then was employed for a time in the Topographic Division of the German General Staff in Berlin. In 1876 Freytag returned to Vienna and, with Wilhelm Berndt, founded the map-publishing firm of Freytag und Berndt, which became known worldwide for its accurate and high-quality atlases and maps for tourists.

Last updated: June 17, 2013