Map of Persia, Turkey in Asia: Afghanistan, Beloochistan


Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792–1868) was a renowned American geographer and cartographer. The majority of his work focused on the United States, but he also made maps of other parts of the world, including this 1868 map of the Ottoman Empire, Persia (present-day Iran), Afghanistan, and Baluchistan. The main territorial units that Mitchell shows are Turkey, meaning the core of the Ottoman Empire comprised of present-day Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon; Persia; Afghanistan; and Baluchistan (mainly present-day Pakistan). Egypt and much of the Arabian Peninsula were at that time technically under the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire, but they were highly autonomous and Mitchell shows them as separate states. An inset map at the lower left depicts Palestine, or the Holy Land, a subject of great interest to 19th-century American readers. This map also was published in Mitchell's New General Atlas (1869).

Last updated: June 17, 2013