The Anguish of Nations


This work is a history of Bukhara (in present-day Uzbekistan), written by Said Mir Mohammed Alim Khan (1880–1944), the last amir of Bukhara. Between 1785 and 1920 Bukhara was ruled by eight amirs of the Manghit dynasty. After the Russian conquest of Samarkand in 1868, the emirate of Bukhara became a Russian protectorate. Alim Khan assumed power in 1910, following the death of his father, Abdulahad Khan. Alim Khan was overthrown by the Red Army in September 1920, went into exile, and eventually settled in Kabul, Afghanistan. The title of the book, The Anguish of Nations, alludes to the suffering of his people under communist rule. The text, in Persian, is dated 1921, but the book contains a map of Bukhara and its border with Afghanistan, in French and with information about events after 1925. The illustrations include several photographs of the amir.

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تاريخ حزن الملل بخارا /‏ ‏بقلم عليحضرت امير سيد عالم خان، امير بخارا ؛ بسعي و اهتمام جناب جنرال حاجى يوسف مقيم باى

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102 pages : illustrations, color map ; 19 centimeters

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