Book on Children’s Diseases and Their Treatments


Zeng Shirong (1252–circa 1332), a native of Hengzhou (present-day Hengyang), Hunan Province, was a Chinese pediatrician of the Yuan dynasty. In addition to this work, he was the author of Huo you kou yi (Treatise on children’s oral diseases and treatments), in 20 juan. The present work is in three juan, each of which has a subtitle. The first, Jue zheng shi fu (Diagnoses in verse), has 75 entries, each containing a brief diagnosis in verse of a childhood illness. The second juan, called Ming ben lun (On treatments), has 43 entries. The third juan, Xin xiao fang (Effective prescriptions), contains 230 prescriptions divided into four categories. Zeng Shirong was greatly influenced by the Jin physician Zhang Zihe (1151–circa 1231). He emphasized that diseases originated from evils and that therefore it was necessary to dispel evils to effect cures. He was known to be experienced in treating infantile convulsions and propounded the formula of eight symptoms and four cures, followed by physicians of later generations. This rare extant copy is a 1329 printed edition with handwritten supplements. At the head of the first juan are two inscriptions: Wu yan lou jiu cang (Formerly in the collection of the House of Five Inkstones) and Qiu gu ju chong zhuang (Rebound at the Abode of the Quest for Antiquity). The work has prefaces by Henichi (dated 1327), Lian Gongliang (dated 1329), Wu Gangzhong (1295), Luo Zongzhi (1307), and the author (dated 1294). Following the prefaces is a portrait of Zeng, a short essay, and a seven-character quatrain. At the end of juan two and three are appendices containing prescriptions left by Zeng. At the end of the book are two handwritten inscriptions, one by Huang Peilie dated 1797, and another by Miao Quansun dated in 1910. Fifteen pages in juan three are hand-copied.

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3 juan, 6 volumes ; 20.2 x 13.6 centimeters


  • Only prefaces and partial text of juan 1 are included in the WDL presentation.

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