Illustrated Atlas of Shanhai, Yongping, Jizhou, Miyun, Gubeikou, Huanghua Zhen and Other Areas


This work is an illustrated military map dating from the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) of the northeastern part of Jingshi (present-day Beijing), along the Great Wall. It is formatted in accordion pleat-like leaves, and is large, measuring 58.8 centimeters high by 21 centimeters wide. The edges of the atlas are broken and frayed. The original collector tied the atlas on a hard board and placed it in a case, taking great care. The map depicts Shanhaiguan (Shanhai Pass) from Bohai Sea in the east, winding westward through Funing Xian, Changli Xian, Leting Xian, Yongping Fu, Luanzhou, Qian’an Xian, Xifengkou, Luowengu, Zunhua Xian, Yutian Xian, Malangu Guan, Jizhou, Pinggu Xian, Jijiazhuang Ying, Simatai Ying, Gubeikou Ying, Chaohezhai (outposts one to seven), Baimaguan, Shitangling Ying, Miyun Xian, Shunyi Xian, Huairou Xian, Bohaisuo, Huanghua Zhen, and lastly from Lü’anling (Donkey Saddle Mountains) to the entrance of Dazhengu (Great Hazelnut Valley). This map ends at Nanye. The rest of the atlas is missing. The unbroken mountains and hills are painted green and their directions are depicted clearly. The one drawback of the atlas is that it does not provide names for rivers, so it is uncertain which ones are depicted. The Great Wall is shown snaking continuously through the mountains and hills, with hundreds of moats and military posts, all painted in white. Red-colored paper slips recording the distances to a certain post or pass are taped below the white-colored posts. These names normally are not seen on other maps. Very few military atlases from the Ming dynasty are extant, making this rare fragmentary treasure a work of great value.

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1 folded volume, 58.8 centimeters

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