Gospel of Saint Luke


This manuscript of the Gospel of Saint Luke can be dated to the 18th century. The text is written clearly and enclosed in a double-lined frame in red. The folios are numbered with Coptic numerals. The manuscript has many marginal notes and Old Testament references in Arabic, with Coptic numerals employed for chapter and verse citations. The marginalia may have been added by Wadi’ Muftah, whose name appears on the front endpapers. The text is complete and is in excellent condition, although the last page is copied in a different hand and lacks the border. The binding is brown leather over boards with a flap. The volume may have been part of a set. The scribe, date, and place of copying are not given. Chapter headings in the Gospel text are indicated in red. There is an extensive table of contents. Luke is identified in the heading of his Gospel text as “Saint Luke the Physician and one of the Seventy [Disciples].” Expanding on this brief description, the introductory biography recounts that Saint Peter selected Luke as one of the 70 apostles, and that Luke wrote his Gospel in Greek in Alexandria, Egypt, in the 14th year of the reign of the Emperor Claudius. He is said to have followed Peter in preaching in Macedonia and was martyred in Rome. This work is part of the Iryan Moftah Collection of Coptic Books and Manuscripts at the American University in Cairo.

Last updated: July 21, 2014