Map of the Colony of Berbice Located in Batavian Guiana in America between the Colonies of Demerara and Suriname


This detailed 1802 map, drawn by a Dutch military officer and issued by the distinguished Amsterdam cartographic publishing firm of Covens and Mortier, shows the Dutch colony of Berbice as it appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. Located along the Berbice River in present-day Guyana, Berbice was established in 1627 under the authority of the Dutch West India Company. The inset map in the upper left, oriented with north at the bottom, shows Berbice in relation to Suriname, its larger sister colony. The main map is oriented with north to the lower right. The names of the major plantations are given, with agricultural land indicated by the numbered, rectangular plots, which are located mainly along the river and the seacoast. Colors are used to show the different crops under cultivation, which include wood, coffee, sugar, cotton, and cacao. Also shown are savannas, post roads, Indian footpaths, a projected canal, Indian dwellings, forts, and the small settlement of New Amsterdam at the mouth of the Berbice River. In 1815, at the conclusion of the Napoleonic Wars, ownership of the colony passed to the British, who merged it with the neighboring colony of British Guiana (present-day Guyana).

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Covens and Mortier, Amsterdam


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Kaart van de Colonie de Berbice gelegen in Bats. Guiana in America tusschen de Colonien van Demerarie en van Surinamen

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