Products of Mexico and Central America


This black-and-white sketch map showing the products of Mexico and Central America was prepared for publication in the Bulletin of the Pan American Union. It is now preserved in the Columbus Memorial Library of the Organization of American States, successor organization to the Pan American Union. Typed or written on the map are the locations of centers of both agricultural and mineral production. The map shows mineral production located mainly in Mexico, with asphalt, coal, gold, lead, petroleum, precious stones (opals), quicksilver (mercury), and silver listed. Mexico is also shown as a major agricultural producer—of beans, corn, cotton, medicinal plants, rice, wheat, and other crops as well as cattle. Tropical products, including bananas, cacao, coconuts, coffee, tropical woods, and rubber predominate in Central America. The map also shows production patterns in the Caribbean countries of Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, where sugar and tobacco are major crops.

Last updated: May 29, 2013