The Precious Book on Noteworthy Dates


This short work, entitled Kitāb al-yawāqīt fī ma‘rifat al-mawāqīt, and copied by an anonymous scribe in Shawwāl in June-July 1775 (AH 1168), is attributed to Ḥusayn (or Ḥasan) b. Zayd b. ‘Alī al-Jaḥḥāf, who is said to have dedicated it to Abū ‘Alī Manṣūr al-Ḥākim bi Amr-Allāh, the sixth Fāṭimid ruler (died 996). The manuscript lists the 12 months of the year, each on one sheet, in the form of an almanac. The last page is a one-page guide to the interpretation of dreams, reportedly prepared at the behest of Muḥammad b. Ḥawwā, a ruler in Asia Minor (malik al-rūm). A much longer work with a similar title, Kitāb al-yawāqīt fī al-mawāqīt, by Muḥammad b. Ismā‘īl al-Ṣan‘ānī (1688-1768), who lived at the same time this manuscript was copied, is known to exist.

Last updated: July 31, 2013