The Celestial Threads


Yazep Drazdovich (1888–1954), a versatile figure in the history of Belarusian culture, worked in different areas of art as a painter, sculptor, ethnographer, archeologist, and teacher. One of the founders of the school of national historical painting, he was called a Belarusian Leonardo Da Vinci and a Belarusian Tsiolkovskii (after the Russian and Soviet scientist and pioneer of astronautics). Drazdovich’s passionate desire to unlock the secrets of the night sky led him to formulate his own theory on the origin of the planets in the solar system. He was known as an artist, but his interest in astronomy led him to write and illustrate this popular book on the subject called The Celestial Threads, which was published in 1931. In it he examined questions concerning the Earth’s rotation and demonstrated the perfection of the rings of Saturn in their relation to each other. Later on in life, he created a number of drawings and paintings, with titles such as Life on Mars and Life on the Moon, expressing his fantasies about extraterrestrial life. His theories were not recognized by the scientific community.

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Нябесныя бегi


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23 pages : illustrated ; 24 centimeters

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