Bashkioi Copy of “Slaveno-Bulgarian History”


This handwritten copy of Paisiĭ Khilendarski’s Istoriia slavianobolgarskaia (Slaveno-Bulgarian history) was made in 1841 by the priest Vasilii Manuilov. In addition to the main text, the manuscript contains accounts of two miracles of the Holy Mother. First published in 1762, Paisiĭ’s history encouraged the Bulgarians, who had been under Ottoman rule for centuries, to discover their national consciousness and to embrace the Bulgarian language. The work was so influential that it was copied by hand and excerpted many times without Paisiĭ being identified as the author or his name associated with the work. This manuscript copy is an example of this phenomenon. The copyist, from the town of Sliven, son of the priest Emanuil, son of protohiereus (archpriest) Stephan, represents himself as the compiler of the chronicle and points to the Hilandar Tsarstvenik of 1820 as his direct source. Rather than using the original title, he calls his work Tsarstvenik. From the colophon it is known that the manuscript was completed in the colony of Bessarabian Bulgarians in Bashkioi, or, Novo Kirsovo. The manuscript came to the National Library of Bulgaria from Tulcea, Romania.

Last updated: October 28, 2014