Priest Puncho Miscellany of 1796


This intriguing manuscript was written in the vernacular Bulgarian of the late 18th century and was intended to be printed. The content of the manuscript consists of literary texts compiled from older manuscripts, Russian printed books, apocrypha, a reworked version of the first real Bulgarian chronicle, Paisiĭ Khilendarski’s Istoriia slavianobolgarskaia (Slaveno-Bulgarian history), as well as texts of unspecified or unknown origin. The illumination, although stylistically naive, is very rich. It includes two self-portraits of the scribe and compiler Puncho, together with numerous miniatures, some of them with unusual iconography. Puncho was a village priest from Mokresh in the Lom region who, because of this work, turned out to be an important literary figure of the Bulgarian National Revival era of the 1760s to the 1870s. The sources that he used have not been fully researched.

Last updated: October 17, 2017