A Handbook on Theoretical and Practical Music


This 1825 manuscript, prepared for a print edition, is a handbook on theoretical and practical music, written in Katharevousa, a purist form of Modern Greek developed in the early 19th century and at that time widely used for literary and official purposes. The work is an introduction to the Byzantine notation for the liturgical chant used in the Greek Orthodox Church that most likely was intended for students of Byzantine ecclesiastical music. The text probably was written by a scribe named Basileios Nikolaḯdes Byzantios. On the first page, which is designed as a title page of a printed book, the date of publication is given as 1825; the place of publication as Iaşi (present-day Romania).

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Γραμματική μουσικής θεωρητικής και πρακτικής


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182 pages ; 170 х 115 millimeters

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