Collection of Speeches and Latin Epistles by Renaissance Humanists


This manuscript, dating to the late-15th century, formerly belonged to the Sienese Alessandro Tegliacci, as stated in a note written on the initial page by an unknown later owner: "Dedit mihi Alex(ande)r Tegliaccius die(?) 8 decembris 1581 atque sua humanitate donavit" (Alessandro Tegliacci kindly gave this to me as a gift on December 8, 1581). The decoration on the same leaf bears the coat of arms of the Tegliacci family. Alessandro can perhaps be identified as the scholar who was called by Cosimo II to be professor of humanities of the Studio (university) of Siena in 1609. The manuscript is comprised of a collection of speeches and Latin epistles by several Renaissance humanists: Oratio ad pontificem Nicolaum V by Giannozzo Manetti (folios 49–58r); other orations addressed to the same recipient by Poggio Bracciolini (folios 58v–66v) and Francesco Micheli del Padovano (folios 66v–71v); Oratiuncula ad Martinum V by Leonardo Bruni; and Florentinorum epistula ad imperatorem Federicum III and Florentinorum epistula ad Concilium Basiliense (folios 74r–79v). The manuscript is bound in a composite codex that gathers together five manuscripts of different ages (dating from the end of the 13th century to circa 1521) and provenance, and which are also dissimilar in layout, graphic style, and format.

Date Created

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Title in Original Language

Orationes et epistulae


Type of Item

Physical Description

32 folios : parchment with illuminations ; 200 × 133 millimeters


  • Shelfmark: ms. H.VI.31[2]


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