Upper View of the Castillo del Morro Situated at the Mouth of the Bay of Havana


This 18th-century manuscript map shows the plan of Morro Castle, located at the entrance of Havana Bay, Cuba. The fortress was built by the Spaniards, starting in 1585. The Italian military engineer Battista Antonelli (1547–1616) was commissioned to design the fortifications. The structure originally was conceived as a small fort surrounded by a dry moat, but it was expanded and rebuilt on several occasions and became a major fortress of great strategic importance for the island. The map is oriented with north to the left and tilted up at an acute angle. On the right side are the title and an “Explanation” that indicates, through a numeric code, the fort’s bastions, bridges, cisterns, and batteries, with brief descriptions of some of these features. The map is drawn in pen on paper, with scale drawings in black ink and background in gray, pink, green, and orange sepia.

Date Created

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Title in Original Language

Plano superior del Castillo del Morro situado en la Embocadora del Puerto de La Habana, el que se empezó a redificar por Enero de 1764, y se concluió por Septiembre de 1767 con todos los Edificios a prueba de Bomba

Type of Item

Physical Description

1 manuscript plan ;  29 x 48.5 cenitmeters


  • Scale about 1:800

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