A Collection from the Archaeological Museum, Used for Teaching in the Women's Advanced Courses in Kiev


This book contains an extended essay about and eight illustrations of the clothes and decorations worn by women in ancient Russia. The information is based on archeological excavations of kurgans, or burial mounds, containing domestic objects from the ancient Slavs. The objects depicted are from the Archaeological Museum in Kiev. As indicated in the title, the book was used for teaching courses for women in Kiev. Advanced courses for women opened in Kiev and several other Ukrainian cities in 1878, and were part of a broader movement in the country to expand educational opportunities for women. Between 1907 and 1910, women began to be admitted to advanced medical courses and gained the right to attend lectures on agricultural, technical, and commercial subjects. The book describes women’s clothes and jewelry, including shoes, fasteners, headgear, and dresses, found in Slav kurgans in Kiev, Chernigov, and other provinces.

Last updated: January 8, 2018