The History of Ukrainian Drama


This work by Ukrainian literary critic, writer, and translator Ivan Steshenko is the first volume of a projected multivolume history of the Ukrainian theater. The volume is in five chapters. The first covers general conceptual and historical issues, such as the rise of the theater and the transformation of ancient cult rituals into performances. The second chapter covers Latin-Germanic and Slavonic folk rites and their content. The third chapter discusses drama as a means for the dissemination of Christianity in Ukraine. The fourth chapter provides information about the development of drama by various Slavic peoples. The book concludes with an analysis of the works of Theophanes Prokopovych, also known as Feofan, archbishop of Novgorod (1681–1736). Feofan was the author of the tragicomedy Vladimir, based on the story of the introduction of Orthodoxy in Russia by Saint Vladimir in the tenth century, which is considered a masterpiece of Ukrainian baroque theater. Feofan was also a theoretician of literature and oratory, a poet, and a satirist.

Last updated: June 13, 2017