A Collection of Songs of the Bukovina People


Bukovina is a region in southeastern Europe that is today partly in Ukraine and partly in Romania. Between 1775 and 1918 it was ruled by the Austrian Empire. It was annexed by Romania after World War I and divided between the Soviet Union and Romania after World War II. This book is a collection of song lyrics, gathered in the second half of the 19th century by the Bukovina journalist, anthropologist, and public figure Hryhoriĭ Kupchanko (1849–1902) for the Southwestern Department of the Imperial Russian Geographic Society. The selection was compiled and edited by the Kiev scholar Alexander Lonachevsky and published in 1875. The songs are arranged in six sections: religious songs; songs about personal life; songs about the family; and political, artistic, and educational songs. Within each section the songs are grouped by subject, with those that are similar in content placed together. Lonachevsky’s system of arrangement later was adopted by the important Ukrainian historian and political thinker Mykhaĭlo Petrovych Drahomaniv (1841–95).

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Southwestern Branch of the Imperial Russian Geographic Society, Kiev


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Сборник песен буковинского народа

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228 pages


  • Excerpt from the second volume of Zapiski (Notes), published by the Southwestern Branch of the Imperial Russian Geographic Society

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