Maidanka. Wooden Church


This image is part of an album probably published in about 1920 that contains 20 photographs of scenes in Carpathian Ruthenia, a mountainous region, most of which was part of the Austria-Hungary before World War I, but which became part of the new Czechoslovak state in 1919. Today the largest portion of it forms Zakarpattia Oblast in western Ukraine, with smaller parts in Slovakia and Poland. The wooden church in Majdanka village has a steeply pitched roof with an overhang, like most churches in the Carpathian Mountains, which both protects it against the worst of the winter weather and shelters additional worshipers when the church is crowded. The village (known today as Majdan, Maydan, or Maidan), is in the eastern part of Carpathian Ruthenia.

Last updated: June 13, 2017