Compilation of Images of Ancient Objects from Private Collections in Kiev


This collection of images was put together by the Kiev amateur archaeologist Nikolaj Leopardov and numismatist Nikolaj Černev, who also collaborated in writing the introduction and explanatory texts. The images of crosses, icons, and other religious items and brief descriptions of them are included in Part I of the book. Part II contains the images of objects from the Bronze Age, mostly axes and knives, and Jewish Cabalistic amulets and coins. Part III contains the images and description of some of the thousands of medieval lead commercial seals from Drohiczyn, in present-day Poland, which Leopardov believed were used to seal goods transported from Byzantium. Drohiczyn was located on a major commercial trade route between Poland and Ukraine and was where Daniel I of Galicia was crowned in 1253 as the first king of Rus’. The text also relates the story of the Apostle Andrew, who is reputed to have come to the Dnieper River region in the first century, where he blessed the Kiev Hills and prophesied that a great city (Kiev) would be founded there.

Last updated: June 13, 2017