Carpathian Ruthenia


This album, probably published in about 1920, contains 20 photographs of scenes in Carpathian Ruthenia, a mountainous region, most of which was part of the Austria-Hungary before World War I, but which became part of the new Czechoslovak state in 1919. Today the largest portion of it forms Zakarpattia Oblast in western Ukraine, with smaller parts in Slovakia and Poland. The photographs depict the wooden churches that were central to the practice of Uniate Christianity (combining Roman Catholicism with the Eastern Rite), to which most Ruthenians converted from Eastern Orthodoxy in the mid-17th century. The sepia-toned pictures in the album also show village scenes, peasants in folk costume, locally-made pottery, and landscapes from the region. The captions are in Russian and Czech. The date and place of publication are not given.

Last updated: June 13, 2017