Monuments of Ukrainian Art of the 18th Century


This booklet is by Nikolai Makarenko, a specialist in architecture, art history, and archaeology and later director of the Kiev Museum of Arts. He begins by reflecting on the beneficial effects of Cossack culture on southern Russia and its significant impact on Ukrainian culture. He praises 17th- and 18th-century style and describes Pokrovskaia Church as an example of beautiful and pure architecture. The church was built in 1764 by Pyotr Kalishevski in Romny, Poltavskaia Province, and later moved to the city of Poltava. A new church was built in Romny, which the author finds unappealing and distasteful. The old church had a simple and pure design, and its beautiful cupolas could be seen from afar. A plan and description of the church are provided, and the booklet is illustrated with drawings of its artifacts and photographs of the church. Makarenko describes some details of the church interior, including wooden sculptures of Zachariah and John the Baptist.

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Governor’s Office, Saint Petersburg, Russia


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Памятники украинского искусства XVIII века


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9 pages : illustrations

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