Album of the Coats of Arms of Ukraine


This collection of prints depicts the historic coats of arms and flags of Ukraine. The work is by Mykola Bytynsʹkyĭ (1893–1972), a Ukrainian painter and expert on heraldry. Bytynsʹkyĭ fought in the Ukrainian War for Independence at the end of World War I and later immigrated to Prague where he studied arts and produced several works on heraldry. After World War II, he lived in a displaced persons camp in Germany, before immigrating to Canada. The coat of arms of Ukraine, a trident on a blue shield, was officially adopted in 1918 during Ukraine’s brief period of independence, and again in 1992 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The trident goes back to 11th century, when it was stamped on the gold and silver coins issued by Prince Vladimir the Great (ruled 980–1015). The national colors of Ukraine are blue and yellow. Blue refers to the color of the sky and is a symbol of peace; yellow is the color of wheat and symbolizes the richness of the earth.

Last updated: November 14, 2017