Album of Religious Artifacts from the Church Archaeological Museum of Kiev Theological Academy


This book, the first in a series of albums dedicated to the Church Archaeological Museum of Kiev Theological Academy, is about the collection of icons from Mount Sinai and Mount Athos assembled by Bishop Porfiry Uspensky (1804–85). Bishop Porfiry was born in Russia, studied at the Saint Petersburg Theological Academy, and was ordained as a priest in 1829. In 1842 he was sent by the synod of the Russian Orthodox Church to Jerusalem to strengthen relations with the Orthodox Christians of Syria and Palestine. In 1845–46 he made expeditions of several months to monasteries in Egypt and to Mount Athos in Greece, where he cataloged manuscripts and collected icons. He returned to Russia in 1861. In 1865 he was ordained bishop of Chigirin and appointed first vicar of the Kiev Metropolitan Eparchy. While in Kiev, he organized his collections and published most of his writings. This book, edited by Professor N. Petrov of the Kiev Theological Academy, recounts the history of Bishop Porfiry’s collection and provides a detailed listing of its most important items. The illustrations depict icons from the fifth to the 17th centuries.

Last updated: June 13, 2017