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Theatrical Design
Francisco Rizi was a painter of Italian descent who trained in the workshop of Vicente Carducho. In 1637 he began to work for King Philip IV of Spain, who appointed him the royal painter in 1656. His most productive period coincided with the reign of Philip, for whom he worked both on decorations of a mythological character for the Alcázar de Toledo and on the design and construction of theater sets from 1657 on. This drawing probably was made for a theatrical presentation at the Buen Retiro Palace, Madrid. It ...
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Royal Writ of the Foundation of the City of Tlaxcala
This royal writ or decree, by order of the Emperor Charles V, confers upon the city of Tlaxcala, Mexico, a coat of arms and the title of "Loyal City," in recognition of the services "which the noblemen and towns of the said province have accomplished for us." It was the first of only three such titles given by the emperor to cities in New Spain. This direct recognition by the emperor of the indigenous noblemen of Tlaxcala went on to determine the course of Tlaxcalan history, as the indigenous province ...
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Recipe Book of Lady Ann Fanshawe
Lady Ann Fanshawe (1625-80) was the wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe (1608-66), a loyal follower of Charles I. The Fanshawes suffered imprisonment and exile following the execution of Charles in 1649 and the establishment of the Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell. When the monarchy was restored in 1660, Sir Richard was appointed ambassador to Madrid, the first permanent overseas embassy maintained by the Crown. This book originally belonged to Lady Ann and contains medical, culinary, and other recipes. The earliest entries date from 1651 and are in the hand of one ...
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