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The Bunyoro Agreement 1955
This document, from the National Archives of Uganda, is the original of the Bunyoro Agreement of 1955 between Great Britain and the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, one of the traditional kingdoms of Uganda. The agreement, in both English and Lunyoro, was signed on September 3 by Sir Andrew Cohen (1909–68), governor of the Uganda Protectorate, on behalf of the British government in London and the government of the protectorate, and the Omukama (king), Sir Tito Gafabusa Winyi IV (1883–1971), on behalf of himself and his successors, the Rukurato (the ...
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National Library of Uganda
The Ankole Agreement, 1962
The Ankole Agreement of 1901 consolidated Nkore and other states into the kingdom of Ankole, under the auspices of Britain’s Uganda Protectorate. The treaty was amended by further agreements between the governor of Uganda and the omugabe (king) of Ankole until this 1962 agreement. The Ankole Agreement, 1962 was made on August 30, 1962: “between Sir Walter Fleming Coutts, Knight Commander of the Most distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Governor and Commander in Chief of the ...
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National Library of Uganda