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Bathing Room in the Women's Quarter of the Makassarese Village Near Master Cornelis in Batavia
This 1945 photograph shows women and children bathing at the Kampong Makassar internment camp near Batavia (present-day Jakarta) during World War II. After the Dutch East Indies fell to Japanese forces in 1942, many Dutch residents were forced into internment camps, where they stayed until the end of the war. At Kampong Makassar, which operated from January to August 1945, more than 3,600 women and children were held in a space measuring less than one square kilometer. The photograph is from the collections of the KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute ...
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"Nourishment for the Ailing" and "Nourishment for the Healthy"
This volume contains copies of two works by Najīb al-Dīn Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn ‘Alī ibn ‘Umar al-Samarqandī: Aghdhīyat al-marḍā (Nourishment for the ailing) and Aghdhīyat al-aṣiḥḥa’ (Nourishment for the healthy). Al-Samarqandī was a Persian scientist who lost his life during the cataclysmic Mongol invasions of the early 13th century. He appears to have died during the siege of Herat in 1222. He was a famous physician and the author of many medical texts. Nothing more is known of his life. The frontispiece of each of the books ...
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