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Memoirs of the Revolution in Bengal, Anno Domini 1757
This work by William Watts (active 1737-58) is an account of the Battle of Plassey, which took place on June 23, 1757, near the village of Pâlāshir, some 150 kilometers north of Calcutta (present-day Kolkata). In this decisive encounter, the forces of the British East India Company, under Robert Clive, defeated Siraj Ud Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal. The British victory and the treaty with the Moghul Empire that ensued brought the province of Bengal and its great wealth under the control of the company, thereby establishing the ...
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Map of a Part of China, the Philippine Islands, the Isles of Sunda, the Moluccas, the Papuans
This 18th-century map of southeast Asia and parts of China was published in Amsterdam by the firm of Covens and Mortier. Pieter Mortier (1661-1711) built up a business that prospered by publishing new editions of atlases by Alexis Hubert Jaillot, Nicolas de Fer, and other French mapmakers. Mortier also acquired the stock of the Dutch mapmaker Frederik de Wit and the right to reprint his maps. When Mortier died, the business passed to his son Cornelis (1699-1783). In 1721, Cornelis married the sister of Johannes Covens (1697-1774). In the same ...
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