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Map of Cape Verde
This distinctive French map of Cape Verde and the Island of Gorée, Senegal, probably dates from the first half of the 18th century. The Portuguese were the first European settlers in this region, having arrived around 1450. In the 16th century, French and English pirates and merchants asserted increasing influence in Senegal. In 1633, the French established the Senegal Company, which was based on the gum and slave trades. Most prominently featured on this map are structures on the Island of Gorée depicting the renowned "factory" or slave-trading center. The ...
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The Voyage of the Sieur Le Maire, to the Canary Islands, Cape-Verde, Senegal, and Gambia
This 1745 book is an English translation of a work by Jacques-Joseph Le Maire that was first published in 1695 and recounted a voyage to West Africa and the Atlantic islands off the coast of Africa. Le Maire, a physician in the service of the Compagnie d'Afrique, describes the inhabitants, customs, and places that he visited. Le Maire’s work remains an important source for the study of 17th-century West Africa, interactions between Africans and Europeans, and aspects of the transatlantic slave trade.
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