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The Battlemented City Wall of Hanzhong Fu with a Watchtower to the Right. Shaanxi Province, China, 1875
In 1874-75, the Russian government sent a research and trading mission to China to seek out new overland routes to the Chinese market, report on prospects for increased commerce and locations for consulates and factories, and gather information about the Dungan Revolt then raging in parts of western China. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Iulian A. Sosnovskii of the army General Staff, the nine-man mission included a topographer, Captain Matusovskii; a scientific officer, Dr. Pavel Iakovlevich Piasetskii; Chinese and Russian interpreters; three non-commissioned Cossack soldiers; and the mission photographer, Adolf Erazmovich ...
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The First Maqtaa Bridge under Construction
This 1968 photograph shows construction of Al-Maqtaa Bridge in Abu Dhabi. The single-span steel bridge connects the city of Abu Dhabi to the mainland. Seen in the background is the 200-year old Maqtaa watchtower, part of the Al-Maqtaa Fort, which served as a watchtower and line of defense against invasion. The fort is built in a traditional style, using wood and soft, sand-colored stone. The photograph is from the Colonel Edward "Tug" Bearby Wilson Collection in the National Library, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, and was taken by ...
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