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The Uganda Journal, Volume I, Number 1, January 1934
The Uganda Literary and Scientific Society was established at Entebbe, Uganda Protectorate, in 1923. Its main activity consisted of the reading of papers and the delivery of lectures on topics relating to Uganda. In 1933 the society moved its headquarters to Kampala and decided to issue a regular publication, The Uganda Journal. The journal’s declared aim was “to collect and publish information which may add to our knowledge of Uganda and to record that which in the course of time might be lost.” Four issues per year were published ...
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National Library of Uganda
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Ross Allen Reptile Institute
E. Ross Allen was a pioneer promoter and theme-park entrepreneur who achieved national and international fame for his animal wrestling. Born in 1908 in Pittsburgh, he was an Eagle Scout as a boy and later a stand-in for Johnny Weismuller in the Tarzan movies. He transformed the historic, natural tourist attraction of Silver Springs into a prototype of modern theme parks. Ross Allen’s Reptile Institute opened in 1929 and catered to Florida traditions (and mythology) while employing Florida residents, including Seminole Indians. The institute later shifted its emphasis a ...
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State Library and Archives of Florida
Attention! The German Viper is Taken. It is Now Necessary to Pull Out the Poisonous Teeth!
This 1919 poster, made in Italy just after the close of World War I, shows a hand strangling a snake decorated with the German Iron Cross. The text reads: “Attention! The German viper is taken! It is now necessary to pull out the poisonous teeth!” Italy and Germany were allies during World War II, but they were enemies during World War I. Italy entered the war on the side of Britain and France on May 23, 1915, by declaring war on Austria-Hungary. Under the terms of a secret treaty concluded ...
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Library of Congress
Down with Bolshevism. Bolshevism Brings War and Destruction, Hunger and Death
This poster was published in Berlin shortly after World War I by an organization called the Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung des Bolschewismus (Union for the Struggle against Bolshevism). The poster shows a man struggling with a snake above text that reads: “Down with Bolshevism. Bolshevism brings war and destruction, hunger and death.” The term “Bolshevism,” derived from the Russian word for majority, referred to the faction that split off from the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in 1903 and seized power in Russia under the leadership of Vladimir I. Lenin (1870 ...
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Library of Congress
Behar - "Sampoories or Snake Charmers"
This watercolor is from a collection of 18 paintings of Indian subjects by William Tayler (1808–92) dating from around 1842–45. Tayler was a civil servant of the East India Company who lived in India from 1829 until 1867. He became commissioner of Patna in 1855 and in 1857 was involved in the suppression of the Sepoy Rebellion. His measures against the local people were regarded as excessively harsh by his superiors, and he was suspended and given an appointment of lower rank. An enthusiastic amateur artist, Tayler sketched ...
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Brown University Library