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The Royal Bible. Missal. Accounts of the King of Spain, 1568–1578
The Officina Plantiniana, also known as the Plantin Press or Plantijnse Drukkerij, was established in Antwerp in 1555 by Christopher Plantin (1520–89), the greatest typographer and printer-publisher of his day. The Officina grew to become the largest printing and publishing house in Europe and helped to make Antwerp, along with Venice and Paris, one of the most important centers of printing in the West. Antwerp was at that time under Spanish rule, and Plantin held the monopoly on printing religious works for the Spanish home and colonial market. Shown ...
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Letter Signed, to the Duke of Medina Sidonia, Giving Instructions in View of the Expected Intentions of the English Squadron Under Drake Reported to be then Attacking Cadiz
This letter from King Philip II (1527-98) of Spain to the Duke of Medina Sidonia (1550-1613), the future commander of the Spanish Armada that set out to conquer England in 1588, concerns the defense of Spain against raids by the English. The king reacts to the news that naval forces under Sir Francis Drake were trying to disrupt the Armada by entering Spanish harbors to attack it. The king states that he has received news of the damage done to his ships in Cadiz Bay, but also learned that Medina ...
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